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Increase your rating on IMDb


Increase your rating on IMDb by adding you as an actor in an episodic role in one of the films with a rating IMDb

Buy a gig ($ 49) per credit that you need, or ask us for a custom order  .

 We have 5 years of experience with IMDB. We  know all the little  secrets on how to make IMDB accept almost anything that I send.

We  have sent over 1000+ updates to IMDB.  Most people don´t know this, but IMDB assign you a sort of "credibility" score, and the more truthful information you send, the easier they approve your submissions.

In your message to us, you must provide a link to your profile on IMDB. We can add you a credit  for a episodic role.

They have to be real. If you have trouble updating your IMDB, I CAN HELP YOU. And we  can assure you that if you send us  all the information that we  ask you, 99% IMDB will accept your credits.  Make sure you send us  a message before ordering the gig, so we can make sure that we don´t loose our time, and you have all the necessary info so we can send it to IMDB.

  We  will send your credits within 72h (most of the time, sooner), and IMDB may take another 3-5 business day to update it in their system, but we will provide you with proof that the submission was sent as soon as we do it.